Saturday, August 8, 2009

If Mind Wind

If the mind wind is subject to elsewhere change blowing towards and away from time, where do we reside? When caught in the sandstorm of time we wonder how to escape the hourglass that incases us. The wind is impossible, a trap of the mind where there should be nothing, nor the possibility of movement. The slow release of particles into the void and back before the beginning of time, we are lost in contemplation of potential until we decide on an action. Anything will do to start the avalanche of time and space flowing though us, engulfing and forming who we believe ourselves to be. We sift through the remnance of our passing eons and our egos cry for permanence in the shifting tide. Nothing in the multiple inner or outer infinite realms is permitted to last. How is this game set up, how can we win when all is chaos including the fragment we identify as self? If we are playing life as a game to be won we are lost. Marveling at the potential, the loss of control is liberating, the responsibility divine. The possibilities, even as they are snatched away with choosing in every moment, are emanating perfection and purpose of will. The desire to last, to effect change, shift the balance, catch the wave, be in touch with the momentary bliss of knowing everything and nothing, holding wonder and sensing beauty that can never be seen, awareness in this moment. We are free and we are caged by our limiting perspective. Perception is everything. Hold them all with lightness and explore the depths and heights with an open heart.

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