Sunday, August 9, 2009

Soul searching without reason

Soul searching, possible illusion told by an idiot, signifying everything. The grand scheme of things has a limitation to overcome the gravity of it’s own creation. We live in the shallow depression of time that lingers in corners without rhyme or reason. Still point of awareness contains a wonder of possible outcome if moved to action, otherwise it sits in potentiated bliss without having to chose or manifest. Charcoal grew restless of movement within confines that were made smaller by burning. Awake yet not enacted purpose slumbers still. Awareness without action is like wings without feet. Some one said something like that before. An old Sufi saying, “ Physical reality is to reality, as ice is to water.” On other planets, under conditions unlike any here on earth, there are even more states that water can assume, yet even here water is so unique among elements the one would contemplate that water is alive. Without water being lighter when in solid form no life would exist on earth because the oceans would be solid ice (or so I learned from my father). Contemplation removes obstacles. Yet why does thought hold such power over us? Fear and anger are motivated by thought, perception and belief, which is a more deeply held thought that seems essential to our wellbeing. With what beliefs do I control my perception so as to function within social parameters?

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